Video Production and Video Content Strategy are two of the three pillars of what we bring to the table for our clients and customers. Consultation is also as important as the creation and production of the content.

We give clients different services on how they can ensure their project becomes an astounding success. Some of our clients have their own video production team but require guidance on the right approach to take to ascertain product integrity. We can be contacted to map out a framework which when adhered to, can ensure your content stands out in its perfection. Some of consultancy services include:

Guide 1

At this level we give our clients a guide which are chocked full with tips, guidelines, tutorials and instructions which can be used to extract the most out of their video content; giving them ideas that make an impact in their content instantaneously. Many of our clients have been able to launch their products to critical success after making use of this service.

Guide 2

At this level, we work very closely with the client, itemizing each and every single need in order to create custom solutions which can be used in conjunction with their video content to improve performance and engage a wider audience than initially planned for. We also send a team to guide the client through each process ensuring that every aspect of the package is implemented according to instruction. Clients who utilized this service have gone on to become loyal customers of our services.

Guide 3

This is a complete and comprehensive package where we take control of the whole process. Clients give us the idea, scope, and budget of what they want and we get to work providing video content from the design to execution.


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